When you enjoy cool air conditioning during our intense Florida summers, you’re benefitting from a system that is relatively new in the history of the world. Millions of people before us didn’t even know that an air conditioner was possible!

How Your AC Unit Uses Coils

Unlike furnaces, which produce warm air and pump it into your home, air conditioners pull the air from your home through a coil.

  • The coil’s fins pull the hot air close to icy refrigerant, and once the air has been cooled, the system pushes the cool air into your home. It continuously cycles your home’s air through its coil, making the air cooler and cooler until it achieves the temperature you requested on your thermostat.
  • Air conditioner coils are somewhat delicate. Made from copper, aluminum, or steel, they are tubes bent into U-shapes and positioned on panels. Cold refrigerant flows through them. These panels are covered with delicate fins designed to pull air close to the cold coils. Once the air cools down, condensation collects in a condensate pan and drains out of your home. That is why air conditioned air tends to be so dry.

As you can imagine, when the coil has problems, the entire system has problems.

The Importance of Coil Repair

Without the proper balance and cleanliness, coils struggle to be efficient. Even a thin layer of dirt can lead to decreased efficiency, higher temperature and pressure, and even the buildup of frost and ice. If your system isn’t delivering the same results as you’re used to, chances are good the coils may be dirty or iced up. Instead of waiting for your unit to fail, contact DUCTZ.

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