Having an exhaust fan in the bathroom not only makes it easy to mitigate odors, it makes it possible to protect your home from moisture. However, it needs to be able to do its job! We’ve all been in bathrooms whose tired, bogged-down fans labor to clean the air and get pretty much nothing done.

Dust vs. Your Fan

Because exhaust fans constantly pull in air, they also pull in dust and other contaminants. Though the average bathroom fan has a grille designed to keep large particles at bay, they build up over time. Add occasional moisture to the mix, and you can end up with a sort of dust concrete all over your fan grille, blades, and motor. While wiping or vacuuming the outer surface your vent grille can go a long way, it doesn’t address the dust on the inside. That is where we can help!

What Happens When You Neglect Your Bathroom Exhaust

Exhaust fans generally are not very high on anyone’s cleaning or maintenance priority list. However, they have an impact on the general cleanliness and freshness of your whole bathroom. We all like to be able to get clean when we take a shower or bath, but if your exhaust fan isn’t effective, your bathroom’s freshness will slowly decline. You may even start to see mold, bacteria, and mildew starting to develop. You’ll have to work harder to keep your bathroom clean — who wants that?

What Happens When We Clean Your Bathroom Exhaust

Bathroom fans take air from the bathroom and transport it either out the roof or into the attic. Hopefully, yours goes straight out the roof. When we come in to clean your bathroom exhaust, we won’t just clean the parts you can see; we’ll make sure your fan is as good as new through and through. You will notice a difference. Here are just a few of the signs you may see:

  • Mirrors clear quickly
  • You don’t have to be as aggressive with your cleaning materials
  • Keeping the shower/tub fresh (and therefore yourself) is much easier

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