We all do what we can to prevent emergencies and disasters, but life happens. This is especially true in South Florida, where our weather can get somewhat extreme during hurricane season. Hurricanes often bring water damage and the threat of mold. However, the weather is only one of the forces threatening your commercial property. Fire and smoke damage can also stop your operation in its tracks. If something goes wrong, you need to get back on your feet as quickly as possible, and DUCTZ can make that happen.

Enemies of Your Business

Water Damage

  • Damage by water can be the result of many different scenarios. A toilet on the floor above may leak down into your ducts. A hurricane may damage your roof and send water into the building. A flood may compromise floor vents and leave the ducts full of water. The options are pretty much limitless, which isn’t good news. However, our team can remediate your HVAC system, bringing it back to its pre-disaster state as soon as possible. We value transparency, excellence, and speed because we know your business needs to get back into action quickly.

Mold Issues

  • Moldy HVAC ducts are any business owner’s nightmare. Mold can show up due to water damage that wasn’t properly remediated, but it can also be the result of humidity in general. We have humidity in spades here, so staying on top of your ducts’ health is paramount. We are here to make sure you can breathe easy no matter what time of year it is!

Fire Damage

  • People generally only think of remediation when there’s a big fire. However, a small fire can contaminate your ducts system with smoke particles. Even if you eliminate all signs of the fire, you’ll be smelling it and suffering respiratory troubles unless you get your HVAC system fixed by our team.

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