Dirty, contaminated air can ruin your health and your comfort. Whether you’re concerned about the air quality in your business or home, we have the tools and knowledge to assess the situation and provide solutions. We are very familiar with the dirt, dust, molds, and other contaminants that can plague ducts and HVAC systems, and we know how to flush them out while respecting your property and keeping everything clean. Our air quality testing services allow us to target troubled HVAC systems and give them a new lease on life with revolutionary cleaning techniques. Contact us to learn more in Broward today!

  1. Why Is Your Home’s Air Quality So Bad?

    Is your home clean and well-maintained but it still feels dirty and oppressive? Do you or a loved one suffer from asthmatic attacks in your home? Do you have a simple cough you just can't shake? You're probably dealing with bad air quality. Air quality not only makes a home feel comfortable and welc…Read More

  2. Why Air Quality Testing Isn’t Optional

    There has been a lot of attention given to air pollution in the past few decades. As a result, we probably know more about the dangers we're exposed to outside our front doors than we do about the pollutants filling up our homes. While car exhaust, cigarette smoke, and smog can all cause serious pro…Read More

  3. Great Plants That Will Clean Your Air

    Clean air plays an integral role in your health, and in these modern times, our HVAC systems determine what kind of air we breathe at home and at work. That is why the team at DUCTZ works hard every day keep the people of Broward breathing easy. One of the ways you can make your indoor air quality a…Read More

  4. Carbon Monoxide 101

    Cool weather is on its way, and even though Florida doesn't get as icy as states up north, we still get chilly, and our humidity can make lower temperatures especially potent. That means thousands of people are turning on their furnaces and boilers, depending on them to inject warmth into their home…Read More

  5. How to Keep Pests Out of Your HVAC System

    All HVAC systems need to be able to pull air in from the outside. That means there have to be openings in your home's exterior through which air can flow, and unfortunately, pests can get through those openings and enter your home. Systems that are well-taken-care-of have plenty of safeguards to kee…Read More

  6. How Often Do Your Ducts Need Cleaning?

    When you own a house, there are lots of maintenance items to consider year-round. The roof, the paint, the hot water heater, the dishwasher, the gutters, the yard ... the laundry list is long. In our experience in the duct and HVAC business, we've discovered that HVAC isn't always very high on homeo…Read More