1. Air Humidity 101

    As a species, we used to spend a lot of our lives outside, breathing the outside air. Windows and insulation weren’t that great (if you had any), so you pretty much breathed outdoor air whether you were indoors or not. This is not the case any longer! Another thing that has changed since the old d…Read More

  2. Chinese Drywall

    Some time ago we received a call from a Realtor representing a buyer on a residential real estate closing in Miramar, Florida. The realtor was concerned for his clients because the property used to have Chinese Drywall. Apparently, all the drywall in the unit was removed and replaced but no one actu…Read More

  3. 5 Things You Can Do About Rodent Odor in Your Ducts

    Here at DUCTZ we often get calls in regards to Mice or Rat problems in someone’s air duct system. We felt it would be useful to give some tips on what you can and should do about any rodent issue in your duct system. This August, we (DUCTZ indoor Air Professionals) were contacted by a realtor who …Read More

  4. 3 Reasons to have a pro give you an air duct cleaning Estimate”

    You are looking to have your air ducts cleaned, but you have no idea what you should be paying or who’s going to run another scam on you. You are not alone! Many consumers are “up in the air” (pun intended) on what price they should be paying for the cost of their air ducts getting cleaned. I…Read More