Air quality plays an important role in your health, and it isn’t as mysterious or complex as some people think it is. In fact, there are simple things you can do today to improve and protect your home’s air quality. At Ductz, we are in the business of providing great air quality to the people of Palm Beach with air duct cleaning, and we want to partner with you to ensure your home is as healthy as possible. We shared a few tips in our last blog, and we have some more for you today. Read on to learn more about what you can do!

More Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

These are just a few more ways you can defend your health from contaminated air in your home.

Scrutinize your flooring.

Ah, flooring. It plays an integral role in the comfort and durability of our spaces. It also gets hit with the most contaminants. Dirt, grease, dust, pollen, feces, hair — your flooring can end up a nightmarish wonderland. The good news here is that most types of flooring are easy to clean, and if you keep up with your cleaning, you don’t need to worry much, even if you have carpet. What many people don’t realize, though, is that certain types of flooring give off toxins of their own. Both carpeting and vinyl flooring can have VOCs in their sealants, adhesives, and backings. If you’re remodeling and you have the chance to replace your flooring, do your research and find materials with the least chemical off-gassing. Lastly, use cleaning products that are non-toxic and free of artificial scents.

Remodel with the windows open.

If you’re going to replace your floors or repaint a room, do it with the windows open. Both types of work can release a lot of VOCs into the air, giving your body a heavy dose of toxins it just doesn’t need. Try to remodel when the weather is warm enough that keeping the windows open isn’t a problem.

Don’t forget your bedroom.

Of all the rooms in your home, you probably spend the most time in your bedroom. This means you might undergo the worst exposure while you’re fast asleep. Your mattress, furniture, linens, curtains, and other textiles can all give off VOCs. We recommend you shop for hypoallergenic pillows and mattress covers as well as organic sheets and an eco-foam mattress.

Get your air ducts and filters cleaned.

Your HVAC system can either be your worst enemy or your best friend, and a little cleaning decides which one you get. All HVAC systems are equipped with ducts and filters that work together to transport and clean the air, preventing your home from becoming unpleasantly stale. When you ensure that your system’s filters are able to do their job and that your ducts haven’t become havens for contaminants, the result is not just cleaner air; you get a cleaner home altogether.

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