Sealant Coating for Insulation and Fiber Board (Duct Board)

Duct board is a fibrous (porous) material and will trap dirt over time even if cleaned thoroughly. Sealant coating service works in two ways. One, it turns the duct board surface to a non-porous, smooth surface and minimizes future dirt buildup that would normally provide nutrients that feed mold colonies.  Two, it contains an EPA registered anti-microbial that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on or in the coating. 

Coating will improve the duct board surface by sealing the fibers in, preventing  any loose fibers caused by old age or any existing damage to be blown into the living space. 

HVAC sealants should not be applied over, to cover up existing mold or contamination. The system must be cleaned of all contamination before the process to allow the coating to work properly.