Dryer vent and coil service

"AC Duct Cleaning, coils, dryer vent. The guys were on time, explained what they were going to do, took pictures - their camera + mine + showed me visible mold- cleaned everything + inspected with me + cleaned up (after themselves.)"

Amy K. - Delray Beach - 08/25/2011



Clean and Professional

"Technicians were very professional, quiet, through, left my house cleaner than it was before, I highly recommend them, they were on time, efficient, professional. Had a lot of dust [before the service] from remodeling of house, now I feel better knowing everything is like new again."

Abby - Delray Beach - 11/03/2011



Speaking on our behalf

"I have not personally used your service, but in speaking with people who have used your service, you show up when you promised, you do the job with the least amount of disruption and everyone who has used you seems very happy to be working with a very professional company such as yours."

Audrey F. – 4 Star Services (AC Contractor) - Fort Lauderdale - 11/10/2009



Reliable service vendor


"You are a very reliable service vendor. When you felt you did not have the proper equipment with you to resolve our problem, you delayed billing and came back with the necessary equipment to resolve the problem. You and your partner are very neat, are particularly careful and are a total pleasure to work with. I wish all service vendors had you attitude and competence."

Sam H. December 26, 2009



Pleasurable Experience

"Our experience with this company was extremely pleasurable. They provided us with a more than fair and very reasonable quote. They were professional and explained everything to us. They worked very hard, even working through lunch. I would highly recommend this company to everyone! You will not be disappointed at all and will be glad you hired them!"

Holly B. 12-02-09



Guys did a wonderful job

"Guys did a wonderful job of cleaning my AC coil, air handler and ducts. I wasn't sure that duct cleaning was really necessary until the inspector showed me the pictures he took- the before and after pictures were really impressive. Many years accumulation of dust and dirt were removed. We are having much less problems with allergy symptoms since the ducts were cleaned."

Lynn M. T. Oct 6, 2009


Excellent Duct cleaning services!!

"Excellent Duct cleaning services!! Guys just finished performing their duct cleaning services at our newly purchased home in Ft. Lauderdale. The house was built in 1967 and the previous owners were cigarette smoking monsters!! The ducts had never been cleaned before and the house smelled of smoke. After these guys were finished we noticed a difference in the air quality almost immediately. They were very professional and courteous. Their equipment is brand new and clean. I would recommend their services."

Mark & Beth F. - Fort Lauderdale - Nov 18, 2009